Stem Cell Therapy has been around for over 30 years. Science discovered using pure stem cells can reduce and often eliminate the pain we experience in our bodies.

Today, stem cell therapy research has shown excellent results when treating patients who suffer from damaged joints, arthritis and many orthopedic injuries. Patients are seeing positive results because stem cell therapy reduces inflammation, promotes soft tissue growth and being a non-steroidal is safe to administer.

Stem Cell Therapy is widely accepted and easily administered by our professional PA, Lance Huff. He has performed hundreds of these injections. Our patients begin seeing positive results within the first 10 days. Stem cells continually are regenerating, meaning you will continue to show improvement over the 90 days after receiving the injection.

To further realize how important stem cell therapy has become in the medical industry, doctors found this to be an excellent treatment for cardiovascular diseases as well it helps heal wounds and incisions.

If you are suffering from severe neck, foot, or back pain, it’s time to consider how stem cell therapy can improve your life to be pain free.

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