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Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Dr. Hruby specializes in using chiropractic techniques like spinal adjustments, soft tissue work, and joint mobilization to relieve pain, restore mobility, and undo the damage from sports injuries. This drug-free approach gets to the root cause of issues for lasting relief.

Take Control of Your Athletic Performance

Don’t wait to address the aches, pains and injuries holding you back from playing your best. Dr. Hruby’s customized sports medicine treatments can get you back on the field, court, or course you love.

Questions about sports injuries or athletic performance? Dr. Hruby’s team has the answers. We look forward to providing smooth, beneficial care for athletes at all levels – frombeginners to pros.


Care for Pickleball Performance and Injury

Treatment addresses shoulder impingement, elbow tendonitis, back pain, and knee issues from repetitive motions. Keeps players competing at their best.

Hear Pickleball Pro Pesa Teoni

Pesa Teoni gives his testimony on the chiropractic care from Dr. Steve Hruby providing life-changing relief from injuries and improving his tournament performance. Pesa was suffering from severe lower back pain and foot pain that made it difficult to even get out of his car. After just 2 weeks of customized chiropractic treatment, Pesa’s back and feet felt “completely fine” and he could walk properly again. Click the image to hear Pesa’s life-changing pain relief.
















Care for Golf Injuries and Performance

Chiropractic alleviates back/shoulder pain from the swing. Adjustments also optimize flexibility and mobility for power.


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