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Why Dr. Steve is Passionate About Chiropractic Care

Dr. Steve Hruby

Dr. Steve Hruby Founder
Executive Director
Doctor of Chiropractic

With nearly 20 years of experience identifying and solving health challenges for thousands of patients, Dr. Steve Hruby excels at seeing through health problems to the solutions that are waiting to happen. He’s passionate about progressive, non-invasive innovations that offer efficient alternatives to the expense and ineffectiveness of traditional drugs and surgery.

Dr. Steve focuses on pain relief, anti-aging, allergies and immunity, and energy. As the founder of Kaizen Progressive Health, Dr. Steve and his practitioners take a personal approach by addressing patient’s unique health and functional wellness needs. With a wide range of advanced, non-addictive and non-invasive treatments available, Dr. Steve’s protocol’s serve as a guide for patients to feeling better today and stay better tomorrow. Treatments at his medically integrative clinic include IV vitamin therapy, stem cell (amniotic allograft) IV and injections, massage, PT, allergy treatments, chiropractic, and additional regenerative therapies.

“I’m excited about showing our patients how they can enjoy a higher quality of life. When I see them feeling healthier, happier and more alive, it’s an extremely rewarding feeling.” -Dr. Steve Hruby

Dr. Steve is a featured speaker and host of panels at events such as RAADfest, which is the largest conference of its type in the world on the subject of human longevity. Having an ongoing passion and purpose for sharing, educating and empowering the public community on scientific breakthroughs, Dr. Steve is the founding host of the podcast and online platform “Super Human Longevity”.

As a national speaker and educator in the emerging field of human longevity, he is continuously studying new ways to improve the quality and value of care offered. He graduated with his doctorate from Palmer West College of Chiropractic in 2000 as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Physiotherapist. He and his wife live in Scottsdale, Arizona with their two children.

Why Kaizen Progressive Health is Successful

I started this clinic, originally, because I was very interested in integrative medicine. Ultimately, I was looking for the right place for me where I could combine all the benefits of having multiple practitioners with different skill sets within the same clinic, but it just wasn’t available out there. Most existing integrative models were pain clinics where they are typically focused on managing pain with medication and surgery. Therefore, I created a place where we solve pain and keep people away from medication and surgery. At Kaizen Progressive Health we are able to offer medical services and we can also offer other services under the same roof, such as massage therapy to give our clients the best results.

We’re not just passionate about helping people feel good, but we’re really passionate about people, our community and our connection with them by making this world a better place, helping our community, and contributing to a positive momentum in people’s lives.


Learn How To Become Superhumn

“The past doesn’t matter. Becoming SuperHumn starts with taking ownership of where you are today.”

– Dr. Steve Hruby

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